The Team



David Tann

Co-founder, UK and International Producer of the Undercover Team.

Actor, writer and theatre maker from the UK. Based in Oslo. 
Member of Schous Kollectivet.
Graduate of Fourth Monkey and Ecolé Philippe Gaulier.

Lover of music and hitch hiking.
The sight of Labradorite and the smell of Palo Santo.
Creating visual, aural storytelling.
Physical comedy.

Contact details:-
Phone number:- (+44) 7950 812 631
Email: -

Karen (2).jpg

Karen Houge

Co-founder and Norway Producer of the Undercover Team.

Karen is an actor, director and producer. Graduate of Ecolé Philippe Gaulier and a bachelor in Film and TV at Westerdals Høyskole. Improviser at Det Andre Teatre and member of improvgroup Lausugene, that plays at Dattera til Hagen, Oslo every Tuesday.

Skills; horseback riding (gold medal in Norwegian championship 11 times) and loves India!

Contact details:-
Phone number:- (+47) 4545 4305
Email: -




Will Townsend has toured with Undercover in UK, Norway and Australia.
Physical theatre performer, director and practitioner. His fascination with the environment and our human condition underpins his style in performance and direction.
He has been working in live events since 2009 with a focus on LX in events, shows and tours around the world including work on the Olympics, BAFTA and Cannes Film Festival.